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2006 - Well, it seems we were "discovered" after all these years in a stack of old tapes left behind by Bill Graham.  Wolfgang's Vault had for several years been offering about 5 or 6 posters from late 60's era concerts in San Francisco that we had performed at (a handful of the actual 100's of gigs we did).  Then, in September 2006, they featured a cut from the band on their website and then added a full live recording of one of our concert performances at the old Family Dog Ballroom (Magic at the Edge of the Western World) on the Great Highway.  It has 11 songs that were recorded on March 22nd 1970.

 2008 - The Vault wanted to make downloads of the concert available for sale, but needed a signed contract to do that.  That prompted the band members to reconnect (after 37 years) and agree to sign.  We did.  And, in the discussions that followed, we discovered 9 other old tapes that had been stored in garages and basements.  The Vault  restored a couple of the tapes and converted them to digital format.  There was one other live concert (5 songs from the same venue the night before) and both recordings are now (as of 12/19/2008) available for download at Wolfgang's Vault. 

2011 - We took the best cuts from the rest and worked with Steve Purdy at Lysergic Sound Distributors to put out a limited edition (1,000 copies) album in 2011. We will be releasing a CD with those cuts plus about 30 minutes of "bonus" cuts later this year. (fingers crossed)

Here's link to the Wolfgang's Concert Vault page with the recording... (note: requires you to login to the site... do it, it's worth it) And, don't forget to check out the posters too...

Listen to us in concert at Wolfgang's Concert Vault:  Wolfgang's Vault

Check out the concert posters at Wolfgang's Vault:  Wolfgang's Vault

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Brett, Robbie, Bob & Steve

12/9/2016: updated or changed some links that were no longer working....

8/17/2015: Restored website... we went missing for a month or so... our old web hosting service was closed out and we didn't get around to moving the site until today. Did you miss us?

Plans are still underway to release a CD version of the album with additional bonus material sometime by the end of the year.... if Bob would just get off his ass and finish the graphics!... watch this space for developments.

11/12/2014: updated some broken links, added new entries on Links page, added new gig and poster (Santa Rosa Veterans Memorial, May 24, 1969)

03/01/2014: Removed the old Windows Media Player music clips and replaced with embedded Youtube links to videos of some of our songs on the music pages.  Hope that is easier and works better folks. 

04/21/2013: Added links to interviews we've done with webzines in the US, France, and Greece on the Links page.  Added some reviews of our Album.

04/30/2011: Announcing the release of the first ever Devil's Kitchen Band album!   We have just learned that our long awaited album of selections culled from the many tape recordings we have found in garages and attics is scheduled to be released in June in a limited edition of 1,000 pressings.  You can view the magazine announcement here 

SOLD OUT (look for CD and downloads here sometime in the future) find it on eBay or Discogs

03/23/2011: added "new" photos from 1967-1970.  Thanks to Jim Titterington and Dennis Ingersol for sending them.  So many that I had to make two additional pages.  Also added a gig at the Fillmore thanks to Bruno Cerriotti for  the documentation

12/8/2010: 40 Years Later!  Finalized agreements with Lysergic Sound Distributors to produce Devil's Kitchen album (yes, a real vinyl album) to be released early 2011... music recorded from 1969-70... watch this space for more info.    Send us your email address to reserve your copy at info@devilskitchenband.com

10/31/2010: Happy Halloween, rearranged and added a few song samples on the Music page

10/23/2010: added a listing of performances, Gigs.  Thanks, Bruno

09/10/2010: added Links to miscellaneous 60's related websites

07/31/2010: on the Contacts page you can now add your name to our mailing list

07/10/2010: Lee Brinkman, a sound engineer in San Francisco was cleaning our his basement and found a tape labeled "Devil's Kitchen, Nourse Auditorium" and sent it to us.  We just had it restored and digitized. .. new old tunes coming soon.

3/7/2010: Yolan Presley found lots of old negatives from rolls of B&W film she shot back in 1967 and sent them to us .  Several "new" pix of "OM" (pre-Devil's Kitchen) added to the site under Carbondale.

2/20/2010: Wolfgang's Concert Vault presents a featured playlist of "Marijuana Music" including at #16, Devil's Kitchen's "Mellow Pot Blues"



Devil's Kitchen Band
circa 1969
(clockwise from upper left:
Robbie, Brett, Bob, Steve)

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